Lowell - Big in Japan


No Fuss

CLIENT: Arts & Crafts
YEAR: 2020
AGENCY: Big in Japan
PRODUCTION: Big in Japan

After years of working her way through the music industry, Lowell has been enjoying a fruitful career as a pop songwriter with much of her work casually gracing the Billboard top 100. In the meantime, she wrote a collection of songs of her own that just so happen to be some of her best yet.

There is an effortlessness to Lowell’s new body of work that is palpable. It feels like she just sat down and wrote the songs, like they just came right out, no fuss. We wanted to ensure her brand world felt as intimate and effortless as the songs themselves, and focused on Lowell as a real person and songwriter.

We built an identity that was deeply intentional, yet intentionally imperfect – an organic wordmark, classic styling, film photography, dv footage, and macro still life imagery impart an inherent sense of humanity and immediacy.

DESIGN DIRECTOR:    Colin Smight

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