Plural - Big in Japan


‘A Darker Wave’

CLIENT: Plural
YEAR: 2018
AGENCY: Big in Japan
PRODUCTION: Big in Japan

We partnered with a seasoned music producer to build his new project’s brand world starting with the name and visual identity.

The themes and lyrics of the songs are high concept and complicated, but still very personal. We wanted to create an identity with this in mind – a meld of textbook science and 80s sci-fi, reality and metaphor. The name was inspired by the main themes in The Human Condition by Hannah Arendt.

We wanted the brand world to be interactive and participatory, extensions that were tangible and unique, so we created a limited run garment and custom packaging as a physical extension of the first single A Darker Wave, and we made a retro arcade console for the launch party of the second single, Red Horse.

DESIGN DIRECTOR:    Erasto Reyes

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