K. Marie Kim - Big in Japan

K. Marie Kim


CLIENT: K. Marie Kim
YEAR: 2019
AGENCY: Big in Japan
PRODUCTION: Big in Japan

Ongoing creative development & direction for K. Marie Kim.

Born in Korea and raised in Canada, the imagery in Run is a tongue-in-cheek homage to her background as a classically-trained Korean musician growing up in North America and the stereotypes and fetishism that can accompany a western perception of Asian culture.

We created a world with nods to Marie’s Korean background, taking cues from cultural stereotypes and flipping them upside down – the infomercial and karaoke sing-along graphics, schoolgirl snap ties, and the narrative of an audition take on a new tone and ownership.

DIRECTOR:           Patrice Lighter
EDITOR:             Joe Accardi
ANIMATOR:           Johnny Komar

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